Travelogue: Mumbai, A City of Dreams

Mumbai is a bustling city of India where people from all over the world come to try out their luck at different aspects of their lives. A great place to visit, Mumbai also offers an individual a fantastic opportunity to experience multiculturalism at its best.

Brimming with a lively population, Mumbai is a city that stops at no point. Life here seems to fly by yet, the city lets an individual enjoy life to its fullest. With lots of places to visit and lots of activities to participate in, Mumbai becomes one of the most sought after places to visit on an individual’s list.

Beautiful sunsets, promenades boasting luxurious brands, and the humid sea air are just some of the things that attract a person to the city. The lights that lit up the city in the evening dazzles the crowd. The mouthwatering cuisines- original or otherwise twisted- would get you hooked.

And if one is planning to visit the soon, here’s an article at Travelista Club that would help you in deciding what parts of the city one want to explore and the different food one would want to try out.


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