The Remixing Business

I am a woman born towards the end of the ’90s, and I have been fortunate enough to have witnessed the change of century music in its original glory. It was a time when new artists were rising with their own brand of music. The songs that came out during that period became so famous that even now they are listened to in the original version.

I keep repeating the word “original” because today, these songs have been adapted to suit the current musical age, distorting its indigenous beauty. Old songs are being remixed and sung nowadays, while the originals are being forgotten. It has kind of become a hype to listen to remixes or to make one.

While, remixes are originals in their own sense, and are pretty good too, there are two ways one can look at it. The first perspective one can apply is that it is only the lyrics and the few distinct sounds that are used in the remix. These elements of a song are then mixed with sounds of the new instruments to create a symphony.

Another point of view one can apply, and which I personally favour is that music, today, has lost its true meaning and have become a part of the consumerist popular culture. Artists have lost the inspiration to produce some new meaningful music and have succumbed to the lure of the remixing business. All they can do now is use the old songs, twitch it a bit and present it to the hungry, blinded by the current age consumers.

However, as I always remind my readers, everything is a choice. You can choose to believe either of the perspectives and still be right. No one judge your point of view as wrong because this is a post-modern world, where subjectivity and individualism are promoted more than being confined into boundaries of definitions and right and wrong.

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