Revealing Secrets: Part 8


Lucy jerked back from Cage and looked to her side where Adrian was lying.

“Hey my little man. You alright?” Lucy asked and then even when she received an affirmative nod, she still gathered Adrian’s little body into her embrace. She needed that physical connection to confirm that she really had her boy in front of her.

“What happened baby?” Lucy asked again.

Wrapping his own little arms around his mother’s neck, Adrian replied, “I was sleeping in the room you left me in and when I woke up, Rafe was there and  he said that the two men would take me to eat ice cream. When they took me out and I finished my ice cream, I asked about you. Why wouldn’t you come to me mamma? I was so scared?” Adrian finished while burrowing his little head in the crook of Lucy’s neck.

“Shh baby. Mamma is sorry for leaving you like that. I will never do it again, promise.” Lucy said.

“Rafe?” Lucy heard Cage question.

For a moment there, she had forgotten that Cage was present in the room too. When his inquiry registered in her mind, she replied, “Adrian calls Rafael as Rafe. When I told him that Rafael really wasn’t his father, Adrian started calling him by the name Rafael approved of.”

“Who is he mommy?” Adrian asked while peeking his head out and looking at Cage with a mean look.

Chuckling at the intense look being shared between the two, Lucy answered, “Remember how I told you that one day I will tell you about your father? Well, I didn’t want it to be so early, but since he is already here, it seems right. Adrian meet your father Cage. And Cage, this here is the light of my life, my little boy Adrian.”

“First of all I am not little.” Adrian said, giving a pointed look to his mother and then continued, “I am a big boy who can protect my mom.” This time the glare was directed towards Cage who looked shocked at the way Adrian was talking.

Lucy hid her giggle while Adrian questioned Cage. “So you are the one because of whom my momma used to cry sometimes. Why did you leave her? Why didn’t you take care of her, protect her?”

Cage was stumped by Adrian’s questioning but then coming out of his surprise, he replied, “I am sorry my little boy. Your mom and I had some misunderstanding. I didn’t trust her enough and so I left. And I am extremely sorry for that.” At the last sentence, Cage looked up at Lucy, hoping she see the sincere apology.

“Why didn’t you come to see me? Do you not like me?” Adrian asked.

The sudden question startled both Lucy and Cage. However, Cage reacted fast and taking Adrian from Lucy, he pulled him in his own arms.

“Who told you that Adrian? Do you know that it was only yesterday I came to know about you and I’m already in love with you, my boy.” Cage told him.

Seeming to except his answer, Adrian nodded his head. Lucy stood there a couple of feet away from them and silently noticed the way an instant bond was formed between the father-son duo.

“How about we raid the kitchen for some lunch?” Cage asked.

“Will I get some cookies afterwards?” Adrian questioned back.

“Absolutely. How can a lunch be complete without cookies?”

And as they moved out of the room, Lucy walked behind the two of them, trying extremely hard to suppress her laugh at the thought of what’s in store for Cage. They entered the kitchen and saw that the lunch that was prepared earlier was already finished.

Muttering something about hungry men under her breath, Lucy said, “I’ll prepare some sandwiches for us.” And went about the kitchen preparing it. While both father and son sat at the counter, each questioning the other about everything, getting to know each other.

Cage felt like he was betrayed by not being able to know about the existence of his son. He had missed three wonderful years of his life. But he also knew that it was his fault, he should have trusted Lucy. However, as he conversed with his son, he vowed to not miss any of the future moments of his son’s life. He vowed that he would keep his son in his life and always protect him, no matter what. Then he looked up at the woman who was putting their lunch in front of them. And so he made another vow. He would not only get his son back in his life, but also the mother of his child. It was high time he did something to bring his family back together.

As they finished their sandwiches, Lucy waited for Adrian to make his demand. And he didn’t disappoint.

“Cookie time!” Adrian yelled with excitement.

“Okay little man. Let’s see what we have here.” Cage said as he scrounged the cabinets for cookies. Turning up empty handed, Cage turned to Adrian and said, “Sorry but there is cookie. How about I tell someone to buy some for us.?”

“No. I want to make cookies.” Adrian said in a firm voice with his hands on his hips.

Looking at Lucy for some help, he sighed when he saw the mischievous look in her eyes.

“Don’t look at me like that. I am not the one who agreed to give him cookies. Hey, Adrian? How about you and your father bake us some cookies?” Lucy suggested innocently.

“Yes! Let’s get to work, dad.” Adrian enthused. He ran to the basin that was low enough to wash his hand, ignorant of the two people shocked by his readiness to call Cage his dad.

Coming out of the shock, Cage felt a warmth bloom inside of him and he grabbed Adrian and pulled him into a tight hug. “Let’s do it son.”

And so Lucy watched them attempt to make cookies. When she had enough of their follies and her stomach was hurting due to laughing so much, she pushed the two of them aside and got to work. Within an hour the cookies were ready and the men were busy cleaning the kitchen. Although Adrian was just sitting at the counter and ordering his father.

Lucy sighed happily as she surveyed the happy bubble the three of them seems to be surrounded with. But she also knew that this bubble won’t last forever. And she knew the very instant when they were pulled back into reality. Lucy’s heart sank a little as she watched Cage take a call and saw his expression change from a relaxed one into a more guarded one.


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