Revealing Secrets: Part 1

Lucy adjusted her mask once again while giving a cursory glance around the ballroom. She had been doing this for the past twenty minutes but still unable to find the source of her discomfort. From the moment the masquerade party had started, Lucy couldn’t shake off the feeling that something terrible was going to take place.

However, she knew that her concerns were displaced since this whole building was secured as it was the Mayor’s party. Speaking of the Mayor, Lucy turned towards the direction she had last seen Rafael and found him just there, busy with an intense conversation with a group of business men. When he saw her looking in his direction, he raised his glass in a way of acknowledging her. Lucy smiled and did the same, then set about to do a round of the ballroom once again.

This masquerade party was organized by Rafael as a way to promote his campaign. He was once again standing up for the Mayor position and he was doing his best to win. But due to the aim of the party, the people invited to it were also of Rafael’s league. And this led to Lucy feeling a bit of an outcast since she didn’t really knew anybody much. But as the hostess she had to her best to make this party run smoothly. She owed a lot to Rafael and so she try her hardest not to let him down in any way.

As she walked about the parameters of the ballroom, Lucy smiled politely at the people who looked her way, not really stopping for a conversation. She walked about like she had to be somewhere which automatically provided her with a reason not to stop and participate in a conversation. Normally, she would be working the crowd, making sure everyone had a drink and no one was left out of a conversation. But today it seemed that the crowd was handling itself well and so Lucy focused on finding the source of her unwarranted concerns.

But as soon as she saw him, she knew her concerns were not imaginary. Lucy tried to tell herself that it was not him, that it had four years since she saw him and that she might be just projecting her fears in the form of this man who was standing relaxed, talking to a group of people. However, Lucy let out a gasp when he finally turned around and his grey eyes connected with hers. Although he was wearing a mask just like others, Lucy knew it was him as nobody had such clear grey eyes as his.

While Lucy was still trying to comes to terms with his presence here tonight, he had covered up the distance between them and was standing right in front of her. Focusing back to the present, she heard him say, “Good evening Lucy. You look just as beautiful as you were four years ago, if not more.”

The greeting and compliment was accompanied by his eyes taking in her appearance. Shivers ran down Lucy’s back as she witnessed his perusal of her. The previously thought modest navy blue evening gown with a scalloped neckline now felt like the most inappropriate one. Shaking herself mentally, she straightened her shoulders and lifted her chin up a bit.

“Good evening Cage. How are you doing?” Lucy replied as formally as she could.

She knew she can’t let him see how he still affected her. But the amusement lurking in his eyes and the side of his lips told Lucy that she was not doing a good job at hiding her reaction to him.

“How about a dance for the old time’s sake? Cage asked her while extending his hand towards her.

Lucy opened her mouth to reject his offer when she thought about what she wanted to ask him and how it would be much more convenient to talk while dancing. Moreover, she could refuse a guest when she was acting as a hostess. Thus, nodding her head, she placed her own hand in his. She was hoping that the way his touch affected her in the past would not be the case now, but she hopes were crushed when the electricity travelled from where their hands were touching throughout her whole body, she realized she was in a lot of trouble.

And it seemed that Cage knew about it as something changed in his eyes. But before she could question the look in his eyes, he was pulling her to the middle of the dance floor. Manoeuvring around the other couples, Cage pulled her in his arms and started swaying to the soft music playing in the background. Lucy kept her head down in order to hide her eyes from him. From their past, she knew that he could read her emotions in her eyes. And although she was keeping a calm facade outside, it wasn’t the case in reality. Inside, she was a chaotic mess, panicking about once thing after another.

“I believe congratulations are in order on you upcoming marriage with our beloved Mayor.” Cage said.

His voice broke her from her interior panicking and she dared a glance up at him. But quickly averted her eyes again. “Thank you” Lucy replied to him.

She was trying to find a way to ask him what she wanted to but didn’t know how to start the conversation. Sighing, she decided for the simple and direct approach.

Looking up at him she asked, “Why are you here Cage?”

Cage looked down at her and she again noticed that odd expression but then there was nothing. He had put on his poker face. She knew very well that Cage was well adapted at hiding his emotions from others. So when he did it now, she prepared herself for the conversation ahead.

“I am here as a business man and a citizen of this city showing his supportĀ  for the Mayor’s campaign.”

“First of all you are standing up for the elections too, so you can’t really support Rafael’s campaign. And secondly, we both know that you are not here in the capacity of a business man.” Lucy said.

When Cage just continued to look at her, Lucy further clarified, “I know you are connected to the rebels who disrupt several of the events conducted all over this faction of the city. So your presence here is not just to show your support to Rafael.”

Lucy saw the glint in his eyes and knew that she was on point.

“Good perception, my lady.”

Lucy looked up at him when he didn’t say anything else. If her intuition was correct, then she had to stop him from causing any destruction in this event. Although the rebels were not overtly violent, she was afraid that things could go out of hands. And she had to thus stop him anyhow.

“Cage, you can’t disrupt the evening.” Lucy said in a firm tone.

Cage just let out a slight chuckle and replied, “You can’t stop me.”

“Please don’t do anything Cage. I am begging you.” Lucy pleaded.

“Why? Afraid your Mayor’s reputation would be harmed and you won’t be able to enjoy the privileges of being the Mayor’s wife?” Cage sneered.

Taken a bit aback by the hatred in his voice, Lucy once again tried to dissuade him.

“Cage, please. Let this one event go smoothly. I am not going to tell anybody about you but you need to go now. Please understand.”

“No. I won’t stop anything that is going to happen tonight. Why, you people cause so much misery to the people of the poor faction every single day and expect to live lavishly. I had let the opportunity pass away once, I am not going to do it again.”

Desperate now to make him understand and feeling her dread increase, Lucy resorted to the only option she had left now, although she knew that she would be in much more trouble and it would cost her dearly. But she had to do it and so finally resolving herself to the immediate future, she whispered,

“If not for me then at least don’t do anything for the sake of our son!”


The next part will be posted on Saturday. Enjoy!

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