I was in my ninth grade when the hype about a social networking site, namely Facebook, rose up. Every single one of my classmate was talking about how an intriguing invention it was. Most of them had already made their accounts too. Soon enough the daily colloquial that I used to have with my friends transformed from daily soaps and clothes to how many friend requests one received and whose profile picture was the best.

Since I didn’t have a Facebook account, I started feeling a bit left out. I would sit and hear them talk about all the new things they were discovering through the social media. And all through that time I couldn’t grasp the meaning behind the sudden excitement taking over the teenagers all around me.

Then not wanting to become a social outcast, I decided to create an account finally when my family got me and my brother our first laptop. However I was still unable to comprehend why people would like to converse on a virtual platform when one could meet up and talk face to face. Yeah I got the whole updating your posts and playing games such as Farmville and Criminal Case point. I admit I played it too but I never got the main point of this new technological advancement.

Two years later I commenced my college life and to my utter surprise, another hype started. This time it was Whatsapp. Like before I was once again clueless. I didn’t pay attention to it in the earlier stages as I was already there on Facebook. Although people now used Whatsapp more than Facebook and I was once again on the brink of becoming socially isolated.

Since I had acquired my own cell phone when I started college, I didn’t mind joining another social media platform. It validated my status among my peers. The problem began when another app became popular; it was Instagram. And then there was slew of apps after this. And every single time a new app came out, my peers jumped from the previous one to the new one. This didn’t sit well with me.

I don’t know if there are others like me, but I hope there are, who don’t like the transformation of their social life into a virtual one. I detest the way that the youngsters nowadays calculate a person’s status and value through the number of accounts one have on different interactive multimedia.

Till date today, people around me keep nagging me to be “upto date” and become member of several social communication apps. But then I had given up after Instagram and even use these accounts very rarely.

The purpose of this article was to press on the dangerous issues revolving around the usage of such networks. One of these is the issue regarding the new definition of stalking. These communication apps have increased the vulnerability of being stalked. Then there is cyber bullying. I hope many of you are aware as to what the term means.

It’s been on a steady increase even though several measures having been put in place to avoid it. These websites promise you privacy and security but can anyone truly say how much of this promise is true? I receive atleast one unknown number once a month texting me on Whatsapp even though according to the rules stated by the app ¬†your number cannot be contacted without it being present in your or the other person’s list.

I am not against these multimedia platforms. I am well aware of the advantages this websites provide but are those enough to make you go after every single app that comes into the market and post every single moment of your life there? Why do you have to make those the tool through which you validate a person’s status ad personality?

Isn’t it time to reflect on these questions? I know I am not alone in thinking in such a way. But I hope we will be able to soon find solutions for these problems. And spread the awareness of these to as many people as possible.



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