Random Article on Self-Motivation

As the new year started, I decided to reflect back on the year I had. Surprisingly when I used to do this for the previous years, I wouldn’t be happy with what I had achieved. However, last year was different on various aspects and changed me in a great way. Never had I felt happy and satisfied with the decisions I made in the past as I was of the ones that I made last year.

As the three years of my bachelor degree came to an end, I decided to take a year of from the systematized education and spent it doing something else. Although I am mostly terrified of my decisions that go against what everybody else is saying, I was quite sure on this one. People told me not to do it, not to waste a year of my life. Yet, I couldn’t do what they wanted me to. Something had changed inside me and I wanted to explore what my capabilities were.

And so I took a break and endeavoured to focus on my writing. Participating in the NaNoWriMo was the best thing I did last year, as it led to many beautiful things. I had been reading a particular writer since the beginning of the year and as I completed all of her books, I wanted to contact her and let her know what I thought about them and her. But I kept pushing it for later and then finally because of NaNoWriMo, I contacted her. Next thing I know she is my guide and mentor as I continue to write.

Last year may had been productive for me in many ways, but it was also the year I lost someone very close to me. For a minute there I had thought I would all my inspiration, I had been scared out of mind as I mourned her death. But that taught me a lesson too. Life is too short to let your fears get the better of you. You need to focus all your energy on what you want give your best shot to achieve it.

There would surely be hurdles of all kinds to stop you from pursuing what you want. However, they are temporary and can only affect us as much as we let it. Sure, the path to your dreams is rough and full of probable failure, but failure doesn’t mean you have wasted your time. In fact spending it doing what you like to do is much more productive then anything else. The least you did was you tried, and from your failure rises the base you want for your dream as you realize where you went wrong and what area you have to improve upon.

Don’t let the world dictate what you can do or not do. As an individual, you are fit to decided that on your own. Just don’t give up when the rough parts arrive, trudge forward with the thought that once you have cleared this, you would be closer to achieving your goal and fulfilling your dream.


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