Yesterday we were discussing modernism in our literature lecture when James Joyce’s name came up. We were then discussing his Ulysses and how he projects the idea of home and homecoming. This led me to ponder on how I perceived home.

I started out with the thought of how I define home. This immediately led me to the word family. For me home is where my family is. Coming back to my house after a tiring day at college and having mom questioning me how my day went is what I consider home coming.

Home is the place where my father and my brother keep teasing each other. It is the place where my brother ¬†and I fight for my mother’s attention. Home smells like the delicious food that my mother cooks.

But according to the modernists, home is a construction. And I agree to it to some level.But then I am also a person who has grown up with some values and sentiments.
I have seen people who say that home for them is a place where they are comfortable even if it is without their families. Some even feel at home when they are all alone.

The last one is favored by people who migrate from places to places due to their jobs and even those who are bugged by nosy neighbors. I think the latter desires for a home like that rather then having one.

For me, yes the idea of a home is a construction but I think this construct differ from people to people. Every single one of us have a different perspective on different things and so the constructs depend on these various perspectives too. I don’t have enough knowledge on what modernists’ view about home being a construction is but I have just taken the word construction and then proceeded to write this article.

If anyone wants to know more about this please do as I really think that this time period is extremely interesting. Although people who know me would say that I am slightly partial to this specific period out of all others. I would like to end this here and request you to really go and read about modernism and the authors and thinkers part of this period.

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