Random Article on Fear(s)

Yesterday I learned a new thing about fears. According to it, humans are born with only two fears, namely that of falling and of loud sounds. All other fears are learned. But what is it about fears that switches off a person’s rational thinking? And why is it that others don’t take it seriously if a person is scared of something.

I, myself, have lygophobia and claustrophobia. I can’t stand darkness or closed spaces, it lowers my blood pressure and makes it harder to breathe. Yet sometimes, people make fun of my fears as if having a fear is childish or immature. One doesn’t realize the extent of danger fears pose till on experiences it. Everyone is scared of something, everyone have their own fears.

Fears as a concept is part of the Collective Unconscious passed down the generation. Collective Unconscious is a termed coined and defined by a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung. According to Jung, the collective unconscious is a collection of structures that is shared by a species collectively. It consists of dreams, fantasies, myths, archetypes, etc. Similarly, fears are also inherited from our ancestors as part of survival.

Thus, it is part of our instinct and to not think it rational is absurd. Fears and recognizing it is very important. Fears are part of what has helped us survive for so long and adapt to our ever changing surroundings.

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