Modern Love, Social Media and Capitalism

As the title suggests, this article is going to talk about how the latter two manipulate the former and use it for their own benefit.

Since the current age is that of technologically advanced age, every aspect of human life is now intricately entwined with the virtual platform. We are so enchanted with technology and virtuality that we have created a whole new monster out of it. I am not just talking about cybercrime or the dark web here, I am talking about the way it has breached every single inch of human life and manipulated it for further its own interest.

Capitalism is the only system that turns its own weaknesses into strengths, thereby surviving through the ages and getting stronger as the years pass by. It has wormed its way into everything and because of it, money has acquired the power it enjoys now. Social Media is also a capitalist enterprise, creating the desires of a consumer as per its rules and regulations.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a day chosen to celebrate love. Although it is something in its own right, Social Media yet again uses it to further its capitalist ideology. For instance, several offers for couples to win during this day.

“Click photos with your beau and send it to so and so and get a chance to win a couples cruise holiday package for 4 days and 3 nights. “

“Buy this new heart pendant necklace as a perfect gift for your Valentine, that too at a 20% Discount!”

Along with this, everywhere you go or whichever website you open, all of them would inculcate Valentine’s Day idea into itself and promote a very superficial tradition that only encourages people to become materialistic. The most hilarious aspect for me is the way every entertainment channel would play either love songs or romantic movies as if otherwise people won’t really know it is Valentine’s Day.

Hence, I used the specific term ‘modern love’, because this love springs out of the capitalist notions inculcated and applied by social media. It encourages people to give more importance to materialism and superficial emotions rather than what truly matters.

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