Historical Romance

My most favourite sub-genre in Romance is Historical Romance. The stories falling under this category are set in historical times and are centred around the personal and collective journey of the two main leading protagonists. Some of the stories also have a larger message to share with its audience, which popularly, Romance is ought not to be known for.

I grew aware of this sub-genre when I read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I was little over eleven or twelve years old when I first read Pride and Prejudice, and so I was unable to fully appreciate the story. It was years later when I re-read it that I could enjoy it completely.

Yet, it wasn’t the book that made me fall in love with Historical Romance. It was Shelly Thacker’s Stolen Brides Series that made me fall head over heels in love with the sub-genre. From that time till now, I have read and fallen in love with multiple books and authors belonging to the Historical Romance genre.

What I love about Historical Romance is that you don’t only get to read a love story but also knowledge about the past times. The kind of culture that was present at that particular time in history, the food, the fashion, the etiquettes and so on. It is a wonder to acquire information in such a beautiful way. Dut to my extensive reading of the sub-genre, I have become aware of the social, economic and cultural aspects of life during the Middle Ages, Early Modern Ages and so on.

Some of the stories also note important events that took place in history. For instance, I have read several stories during the time when King John of England was taking over Ireland and establishing his identity as the new king of England. Not only does this help to remember the events, but it also pours light on how the rest of the civilization reacted to such events and what changes took place as a consequence of a particular event.

Another aspect of Historical Romance that I love is that even though women didn’t have as much freedom as we do now, the heroines of the stories are particularly strong, intelligent and have a survivor/fighter’s spirit. They might be considered as damsels in distress by many but they have the wit and courage to fight for what they want even if it is to get married to the man they love. These characters in a way depict that even though women during that time were considered to be objects that needed utmost protection, we have been fighting for our rights since the beginning of time and still do so with each in our own way.

Now, to come to the interesting part of the article, I am going to list a few of my favourite writers of Historical Romance and anyone interested in exploring the sub-genre is welcome to take a look at any or all of them to start off. While I have already mentioned Shelly Thacker, there is Glynnis Campbell, Miriam Minger, Annette Blair, and Cynthia Wright. They are just a few of the writers whose works I love but if anyone is interested in knowing more, I have tons of other names to suggest too!


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