Book Review: Immortals After Dark Series

A scorching and gripping series filled with dangerous adventures, witty characters and deeply twisted plots.

Kresley Cole, an American bestseller of paranormal romance and young adult books started with the Immortal After Dark series in 2006. The series is still ongoing even after ten years with the 19th book coming out soon. A series revolving around various mythical creatures, it has become one of the most popular series in the current times.

From bloodthirsty beautiful vampires to the very tricky and clever fey, the books boosts many such mythical creatures which live among the humans while fighting amongst themselves, calling their world The Lore. Each book consists of a sub-plot which then adds on to the plot of the whole series, enticing readers to carry on reading the other books.

Each character in the series is well-rounded, allowing the readers to connect with them. Their actions, behaviour and dialogues are very well thought out. All of them are seen as strong, witty, and determined personalities that don’t back down in the face of trouble and danger. Thus, proving to be a source of motivation.

The delicate humane relationships that each mythical character shares with the other makes them appear much more relatable. From beings friends to being enemies, each relation is explored deeply and intricately, making the readers laugh or cry or scream along with them. And how can one forget to mention the sizzling hot chemistry between the leads? The fights, the kisses, the sex, and the playful banter are the things of dreams.

However, the series is more than just its characters. Each book develops the greater plot of the series, adding new twists at every single turn. The complexity of the plot increases with the number of characters added with each book. Yet, Kresley Cole handles the problems that come with this aspect very well. She does such a beautiful job that the reader is pulled further deep in the storyline with each new book, hungering for the next one before the last one is even finished.

With its grand storyline and excellent character development, the Immortals After Dark series is a must-read for the fantasy and paranormal romance readers.

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