So, today’s post is going to let you know more about the virtual world I have created for myself. Reality for me is either too overrated or extremely boring, you could say. When I ventured into the world of books, it gave me a completely new sense as to how I can use my imagination and creativity. Since then, started the process of making my alternate world. I know many people have their own little imaginative universe and I want to introduce you to mine.

My blog title is extremely important as it describes a part of my personality. There is already too much bad in the world and I am a person who likes to escape from this. Hence, I consider myself a Utopic. Utopia can be defined as a place that is free from any problem and is an ‘ideal’ place. For me utopia is a term that defines the core of my universe.

My stories takes place in my universe, although I might use names and descriptions of real places. These stories are my imagination. They are like flashes and dialogues inside my head, being there constantly throughout day and night. They are usually inspired through what I see daily in my life. It’s only through my stories and characters that can understand my little universe. And I would like to introduce one of my stories to make you understand my world a bit better.

Claiming her heart is the story I am currently working on and it is being posted on Wattpad. On surface level, it may seem like a usual dose of Billionaire Romance but you would have to look deeper. My main focal point in the story is the different forms of relationships that exists between humans and their development. Humans intrigue me every single moment that I spent amidst them.

The story is part of the Alfero Saga but can be read as a stand-alone, just like the others in the series. The whole of the Alfero Saga depicts the development of the characters and the development of their relationships with others.

This series revolves around the Alfero family which is an Italian family. It consists the head of the family, Dominic Alfero along with his wife, Francesca Alfero and their four children. The eldest is Adrian Alfero who is followed by Niell and then the twins, Zander and Natalia.

Claiming her heart is Niell’s story. He is your typical billionaire bachelor who loves partying and dates a new girl every week. He has a boyish charm that endures him to everybody. He is real close to his mother but his confidante is only one and that is his elder brother. His life goes on smoothly until Kiera enters in.

Kiera Warren, is a woman who lives with Eleanor and Rosalie. Eleanor is a character I won’t be able to tell you about as she is part of the next book in the series. Another reason not to discuss is her relationship with Kiera or more precisely how their relation is perceived by others on first meeting them. Rosalie, or Rose, as she likes to be called, is their five year old daughter. She is their whole world.

Now coming back to Kiera, she is the kind of person who likes the predictability and routine of her life. Her past is something that has been a constant shadow following her everywhere. It has led her to keep her distance from new people, especially men. But then she is promoted and suddenly her life as she knows it changes, drastically.

This story traces the journey of these two souls as they come together and the changes that is then made in the lives of the other people connected to them. Like a ripple caused by a stone dropped. The question is whether Kiera will be able to overcome her past and move on or will it capture her again in it’s darkness?

Another question is how will the other people connected to these two will cope up with the changes they would have to face?

To know more of the story and the characters, you would have to read it. Although I would like to warn that it is not edited and I would be working on the characters more later on. But if you are curious about the story and the characters, you can visit the link I will be posting at the end and read a few chapters if you like.

I would like to add one last thing. You would find some typical stereotypes here and there even though I am a cynic about love and marriage. And be assured that this story reflects the Utopia of my universe and would not contain anything extremely tragic. I would now leave you to enjoy the story if you want. Have a great life!

here’s the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/52757719-claiming-her-heart-book-1-of-the-alfero-saga

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